One may ask why we need certification. Following are some of the many reasons.

  • To avoid financial disappointment at point of sale.
  • To have an informed opinion of genuineness.
  • To have a correct identification of paper, colour, watermark and more.
  • To know if a stamp is mint unhinged, has original or not original gum or partial original gum. Also if the stamp has been repaired or tampered with to hide ugly flaws etc..,
  • With the cost of the mint unhinged stamp appreciating, a certificate will give you peace of mind, which is exactly what you paid for.
  • Further information regarding whether the item has been re-perforated or perfs enhanced or trimmed to resemble an imperforate stamp.
  • A certified item is always acceptable and easier to sell.
  • Failure to obtain some form of certification all too often leads to financial loss and disappointment.
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